a multidisciplinary and experimental approach

Rather than focus on a specific medium, I prefer to articulate my research and work around that question: How can I provide a new and significant experience in terms of interaction?
Most of my work and research is about finding new -or at least unusual- ways to interact with technology, objects, or space. This implies a process in which experiments, prototypes and other forms of early work have a defining and shaping role, because it's the way I make things go further. I like to explore multiple fields and disciplines, such as video, installation, sound design, game design, object design, etc.
I tend to have a rather de-complexified approach, in which I explore every possible path, and it's really not a big deal if my experiments do not lead to a final product or project. As the later FAT lab said,"release early, often, and with rap music"!
On top of that, my latest projects and interests often have a part of gamification, -not really a game, but still pretty close to a game-, as I think it's a very efficient way to engage with people and create significant interactions.

'Be an amateur' is my Bachelor thesis, in which I explore amateurism as a way to innovate and embrace your practice.

'Qu'est-ce' is a vine-based, intuitive translation project made in Beijing. It is about language, ralationship to people, and learning.

Graphic research on the theme of maps, perspectives and point of view.

This is a tool I made that automatically orders your pictures by date and location, enabling you to browse it easily.

territory, space, distance

A recurring theme that appears in my research and projects is the question of space, in a rather broad way, which includes geography, distance, scales, and the relationship we have with all of it. There is something I find fascinating in cartography and the way we can represent space: both totally accurate, and in the same time, still very abstract when distances become bigger than hundreds of kilometers. My Diploma project, World Wide Gaming, is an attempt to answer those questions, by trying to bind a tangible and very well known interaction to something as abstract as big scale distances. You can see the full process here. In a more formal way, the unique and iconic view that maps provide (top view) is also a source of inspiration for me, and I like to explore changes in perspective and points of view, like in Mirage 19.

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My name is Caroline, I am an interaction designer from Switzerland. I studied Fine Arts for a year at ECAV and then decided to undergo a Bachelor at ECAL (Swiss University of Art and Design) in the section of Media and Interaction Design. During those 3 years, I discovered interaction and experience design, and decided to focus on providing unexpected, surprising and unusual situations. You can see more about it in the process section. After my studies, I moved to London in order to do a 6 month internship at PAN studio, where I learned a lot about interaction design, team working, conceptual research, and visual communication. I am currently looking for a job in Switzerland, where I am hoping to improve my skills and bring some of my knowledge to a great team who does great work.


2010 : Foundation year at ECAV
2011-2015 : Bachelor in Media & Interarction design at ECAL


2015-2016 : Design Inernship at PAN Studio, London

2016-2017 : Interaction designer at CreActif, Switzerland

2017 : Accessorist at Théâtre de Vidy, Switzerland


2013: Savoir Faire, Milano Design Week, Italy
2014: Delirious Home, Milano Design Week, Italy
2014: ECAL Open Days, Lausanne, Switzerland
2015 : Inhabiting and Interfacing the Cloud(s), H3K, Basel, Switzerland
2015: Platine Festival, Germany
2015: ECAL Diplomas, ECAL, Lausanne, Switzerland


Arduino blog post on Team Game

Etapes, Dezeen, Core77, Wallpaper and Domus are talking about the group exhibition Delirious Home. and IICloud(s) articles, about a workshop called Interfacing the Cloud, in which the Like Hotline was created